Birthing Our Sovereignty

Our bodies are made of star dust, the stuff of the Universe.

Made of minerals, carbon, water, oxygen, and salt from the oceans, we are plant like. Born of trillions of atoms, inseparable from Nature itself, we are a holographic replica of the cosmos.

Our bodies are the technology we have long been looking for. Listen to their murmurings, and we stir something greater. Acknowledge our

photonic intelligence and we birth our sovereignty.

At Manifesto of Light, we revere Nature. We honour the highest aromatic frequencies of the plant world, and bring them to a select clientele whose bodies seek truth.

We hand blend extraordinary ultra natural perfumes, high frequency skincare and transformative air blends that re calibrate our bodies and light us up from the inside out.


we are

Clive Newland

Clive Newland

For nearly three decades Newland has tuned in to over 10,000 clients’ unique immune systems, to listen to their secrets. With access to Manifesto of Light’s bank of the world’s finest essential oils, perfumer Clive applies his alchemical knowledge to commune with the human body and facilitate transformation at the cellular level. His own body’s intolerance of the synthetic manipulation of Nature, leads Newland to seek unsurpassed quality and purity. He makes for himself first. If his body cannot handle it, it doesn’t make the shelf.

Deirdre Light

As Founder of Manifesto of Light International, Deirdre’s role is to curate genius. In 1989, her aromatic vista expanded when she became Newland’s muse, and the rest is history. Her body became his canvas, and a stable of rare blends and decadent creams was born. With an unshakeable focus on quality and frequency, Light oversees the company with hawk vision.

Clive Newland



Why % Pure and Natural essential oils?

It’s like wine. There are acres of wines, and seas of bottles. But there are only a few behind glass.

The select ones. The uncompromisingly real ones that refined bodies seek.

100% Pure and Natural is an industry recognised standard that currently covers no more that 1% of essential oils produced worldwide. They are more expensive to procure and take years of relationships to secure and maintain. They are the potent distillation of the immune system of the plant. They are captured light from the cosmos, and remain ‘whole’.

Our bodies recognise their signal, attune to their frequencies to light us up from the inside out.

And like wine, each season will be different. Depending on the weather, the terroir, the time of extraction or distillation and the complexity of the cosmic influences, all will be reflected in each precious drop.

Our limited batches will have small nuances that mirror that snap shot in time. Not one will be identical to another. That is the way Nature intends it, for our bodies too are always changing.

We start with Roses

Roses speak volumes. So when you make the finest rose oil in the world from Bulgaria and Turkey, the cornerstone of your skincare, and make everything else impeccably simple, aficionados take note.

As Newland states, “Rose oil of this quality speaks to the body, creating an oxygen rich bloom that elevates the psyche and opens the heart.”

On average it takes over 3,500 kg of petals to distill

just one litre of rose oil, and a champion rose picker five hours to amass enough roses to extract a mere few drops.

So every time you anoint yourself with our roses, you are literally burying your face in an ocean of richly perfumed blooms. Roses whose petals are hand-picked with tremendous care by generations of people who consciously love what they do.

Being Heaven on Earth just got a whole lot easier.



The Rose Serum

The Rose Serum

Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle Double Blended Serum ®

Originally just for Newland’s own private use, this deeply sensual formula utilises the potency of 100% Pure and Natural Rose Damascena Otto and Rose Damascena Absolute to vitalise and oxygenate the body’s blood system, and elevate the psyche.

One potent application literally shifts the frequency of the body.

Both men and women succumb to the rich aroma, and each wearer will find their own intimate, daily connection.

And when the whim arises, lovers of rosy luxury may anoint their whole body and that of their lover with a generosity of spirit so divine, the Heavens will smile.

The Rose Cream

Gorgeous Over Thirty Bunches Of Real Roses In A Jar Double Blended Cream ®

As a private gift of love from Newland to Light, this luscious cream went straight to her heart.

Her body’s response was immediate. Her skin softened, became more resilient, the colour evened and she stopped wearing foundation.

From its first international foray onto the shelves of Hong Kong’s prestigious Joyce Beauty, hand blended Gorgeous Rose Cream has continued to win hearts. You’ll find its love story here.

And just for the record, Newland makes no claim to fix you, make you ‘better’ than, or change your life.

He just wants to celebrate your innate stellar beauty with gorgeous bunches of real roses.

Every single day.

The Rose Cream

The Manifesto of Light Pearl Pendulums

Introducing our instruments of extraordinary beauty and precision to bring in the Light.

Designed in collaboration with our Italian Master jeweller and geometer, to capture high frequencies and focus their powerful light with diamond precision, these instruments are not for the faint hearted. They demand respect and are to be used with the very highest intent.

One potent application literally shifts the frequency of the body.

At the core of each pendulum sits an Akoya pearl, to herald the new pearlescent frequencies now flooding the planet. The pearls are combined with carefully chosen gems to amplify the energies and create a synergy of higher frequencies that create change.

In the appropriate hands, these are instruments of powerful, impeccable transformation.

Our initial collection of one-of creations, features black tourmaline, blue chalcedony, luminous green chrysoprase, combined with tanzanite, tsavorite, pink and purple sapphire, pink and green tourmaline, black and white diamonds. Each piece is suspended on 18kt gold chains, with baby Akoya extensions. Each pendulum is perfectly balanced to amplify and easily transmit the optimal frequencies. Future colour combinations are determined by our designer, who then brings each piece to life, one by one.

They can be worn around the neck as a stunning piece of eye catching jewellery or kept in a safe box for focussed application when the situation demands. Either way, such a piece becomes part of your daily life.

As CEO of Manifesto of Light, Deirdre uses The Venus Pendulum, to finely tune Manifesto of Light’s high frequency skin care and ultra-natural perfumes. The Venus Pendulum is also a pivotal player in the delivery of The 7 Day Venus Codes Transmission, to activate the gateway to personal Sovereignty. See for details.

Each pendulum takes time and is hand set by a master team of setters under our designer’s watchful eye. The process cannot be rushed. As each new piece becomes available, we will notify the individuals who are seeking such an instrument.

Prices start from $12,000 AUD.

For more images of our Pearl Pendulums, please visit our Instagram page

We invite you to register your interest here



The Private Membership

The Rose Collection speaks to the Founders’ private world. It has been their ‘signature’ for over a decade and a half. So it is fitting that the Rose Serum and the Rose Cream are the first two ultra natural products to be featured by Manifesto of Light.

We also hand blend for clients who are not drawn to roses. Our Helichrysum and Chamomile Serum and Cream are equally luscious and effective, and are saught after by clients with high sensitivity.

Once your body falls in love with our serums and creams, it will seek more. Our focus on immune function is primary to all we do, so we attract clients who are both curious and proactive with their health and skincare application.

To access our private stable of limited edition, ultra natural perfumes and body oils, exquisite floral waters, calming cleansers, restorative hair balms, and our stellar vanilla pod VB Lip Star, we invite you to consider becoming an ML member.

This is an exclusive club for committed aficionados who appreciate personalised service. For Private Membership details, email the Founder,

And for those who are ready, Newland’s potent Avatar Air® blends bring the forest inside the building to re calibrate and vitalise our home and work life; blends that significantly increase productivity by boosting our immune function and opening creative channels. This is just the beginning.

So, talk to us. Email and we will keep you updated with our select stockists, our private salon functions, luxury retreats, and limited releases as they evolve.

Deirdre Light




The Rose Cream


The Rose Serum